Week 13 report, March 2018

Week 13 Report

Hello, it is important to remind you that we are on our last ends this term. Our pupils completed the exams today. Standard eight pupils sat for a zonal test while the other pupils did an internal test. The teachers are now very busy marking the papers and compiling results. We shall share with you as soon as they will be ready.

Again, we have had the ECDE singing game team seriously carrying out their practices geared towards the national competitions which start on 4th April, 2018 in Nairobi. We always wish them the very best.

Finally, we want to appreciate your concern for the school. You always work hard to fund every activity here, we also work hard to make it a friendly learning environment for our pupils. All the best always. We have then gone home for the Easter holidays till Tuesday next week when we shall return to school.


Augustine and Philgona

Reading session in lower class.
Reading session i progress.
Teacher carrying out reading session in class three.
Exam session in upper.
Exam in progress in class 7.
Exam i progress.
Exam in progress in std 5.