Maj 2016 Rapport från skolan

Rapport och bilder från skolan:


I am glad to inform you that we are in our third week since we resumed school for second term. We have had our school activities picking up gradually after the April holiday. However, it is a rainy season and we at times suffer from bad weather in the mornings and evening, but we always find how to get along. Learning activities are on as usual; teachers and pupils play the respective roles as required by the set guidelines. Besides this, we are also practicing and training for both Music and Athletics competitions as per the term’s calendar. The competitions will be held in due course.

On the other hand, we also have a national vaccination exercise against measles and rubella for children up to 14 years old. We have had officers carrying out the exercise visiting our school for it; our school children have also been vaccinated against the two diseases.

We still appreciate your continued efforts towards ensuring a better future society by supporting basic education for the children here. Attached herein are some pictures of events at school.

Regards to all,


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