County music festival May 2017

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Hello everyone,
We are glad to inform you that our school was well represented during the above event.It was held on the furthest end of our county-Homa Bay.It was a long journey for us but we had to.We left school at 4am in order to reach in good time and we finally managed to be at the venue by 9am. The challenge we had was that our children were tired,having woken up early and travelled a long distance.
However, they were able to adjust to the situation so as to perform in the day’s event.We took three teams-802G, 802H and a sacred team.They  performed wonderfully well and the audience seemed so entertained.We had our ECDE team(802G) doing so well and managed position one overal in the county.The other team (802H) became second overal.A pat on their back.The third team(sacred) however became sixth overal.The competitions were stiffer,compared to that of the previous level.However,we were able to perform much better than the other teams.Consequently,we were awarded a trophy and a certificate for the good performance.We therefore have our two teams 802G and 802H proceeding to the next level-regionals,which will be held in Siaya County in the coming weeks as from 11th to 19th June.We look forward to another better performance then.
After the event,we took the pupils out to a historical site about NYAMGONDHO-a story about a family that lived in the past on the shores of lake victoria and later disappeared due to death,however there are certain landmarks of proof and other features sort of the map of our country Kenya and that of Africa-our continent.After all these, we started our journey back to school by 430 pm and reached  around 9 pm.It was a success trip all through.We must be very thankful to you all for your continuous support towards ensuring that the school’s activities are a success.Pass our regards to Mattias whom you said funded this.We will be sending you a request of what we will  need for the regional festivals soon.Attached too are some pictures of the day’s events.
Thank you all.
Verah-Head of department,Drama and Music.