National music festival July 2017 – victory!


Här kommer en rapport från Augustine om skolans framgångar i den nationella musikfestivalen i Kakamega:


Hello everyone,

The festivals began on Monday 10th July, with the teams arriving on Sunday 9th July. We travelled safely to the venue and made the necessary arrangements just before we could perform. Just to mention, our team rehearsed briefly and we also had the pupils recording their song with education radio. Our school presented an ECDE singing game under class 802G. A total of fourteen teams were registered and performed under the same class.

Of all the teams, we were ranked position one with 91%. Congratulations to the team and the school. In addition, I would like to thank Vera for her immense contributions and commitment towards the success of both music and drama activities in the past. She has really done so much to the teams and the school and we have always walked shoulder high when it comes to these.

Following that good performance, we were awarded certificates and a trophy. We had a safe travel back to school. On our way back, we visited a historic site of a  ‘crying stone’. We arrived at around  5.45 pm Kenyan time.

On Wednesday 12th July, we officially announced the festival results to the rest of the school members at the assembly and handed over the trophy to the school administration. Thanks to all the participants, trainers, our sponsors and everyone who supported the festival in various ways.

Best regards to all,


Pupils and teachers assemble before leaving their place of residence.
Pupils rehearse before performance.
Pupils record the singing game with an education radio channel.
Recording with a radio station.
Pupils on their way to the performance.

Children performing on stage.


The children after winning the national trophy.


The national trophy.
At the crying stone.
The crying stone.
Presentation of Trophy.

Update July 25:

We received an additional  trophy for being the overall best school in ecde singing under class 802G and our participants and the school were awarded certificates.We presented them today at the assembly and each child took home her certificate.

Newsletter 79 in English, June 2017

Latest news from S:t Christine School in Kabondo
New library
The building at the extension of the outdoor classroom (building 5, ex. classroom for 4th grade) is seriously affected by insects and hasn’t been used for a while. Now we have received a donation from two members of the Society, Bo Riddarström and Eva Rudberg, which makes it possible to demolish the building and replace it with a new one built with bricks. It will be used as library, and being a little higher than the old one and having more windows its interior will be lighter and more functional as a reading room. The demolition work is finished and the building of new walls has started.
The school has been given the opportunity to utilize a piece of land belonging to the school’s head master David and Albinus
Odada. An extra contribution from Sweden allows us to plant corn and sukumawiki, which we hope will make the school a bit more self sustaining. There has come some rain recently, so we have good hope to be able to harvest in August. Hopefully this will suffice to provide part of the food for one semester.
The following we have received from Charles, who is the local responsible for the farming project.
We have worked hard with the plantations and both David’s and Odada’s land are planted and ready. The school garden is also planted and within about a month we expect not to have to buy vegetables on the market for the third semester.
Most corn farms in Kenya were hit by a disease caused by a worm, which affects the internals of the plant and then spreads outward and makes the corn leaves ”bleed”. This is a problem, which occurs from time to time in Kenya and especially in Rift Valley and Nyanza, where the school is located. We still haven’t got the pesticides needed to fight the disease from the farming administration, but most farmers try to spray their farms with pesticides, which they use for other crops. We plan to spray the school’s corn fields next week. The pictures show that the corn is still OK, but that some plants are affected by the worm.

A visit to the school in week 9
During week 9 Helén and Anders Jansson visited the school together with their son Robert, daughter i law Victoria and grandchildren Emma and Adam. Below are some thoughts by the children from the visit to the school.

Adam 11 years
I thought it was fun to see how children in other parts of the world live. I got many new friends. The children showed us around in the school and we told them about Sweden. And I would like to come back again.
Emma 13 years
I thought the all the children and teachers were very happy and nice. It looked like fun. We went around and visited all the classes. All the children were droll and happy all the time. Many of them wanted to show me around. It was fun and very nice to visit and I would come back and visit them soon again.

The Kenya Day, April 23
On April 23 we arranged our Members’ Day at Park Folkets hus in Liseberg. The flow of arriving people was a bit slow in the beginning, but as the day went on, the number increased. During the day the latest information from the school was given by Ulla Stureaus and Kerstin Lindberg, who showed pictures from the school. Our Café with among others Kenyan pastries was appreciated. At the end of the day we could establish that both the Café and the sale of Kenyan fabrics, gems etc. had given a much desired addition to the account. Many thanks to Park Folkets hus, which offered its premises for free and to all those, who in different ways contributed to making it a successful day.

County Music Festival Report
(A short summary of a message from the school).
We are happy to tell that our pupils performed well in the above event. The competition were held in a place far away from the school in Homa Bay. We left the school at 4.00 AM in order to arrived in time, and we managed to be in place at 9.00 AM. A challenge for the pupils was that they had woken up early and traveled far, but they managed to carry out the day’s performances successfully. The competitions were tougher than in previous years. The results were a trophy and a certificate for good achievements. Two teams will proceed to next regional level to be held in Siaya County June 11th to 19th.
After the competition the pupils visited a historic site, NYAMGONDHO, which tells about a family, who used to live at lake Victoria and later disappeared. After the visit we began our journey home at 16.30 and arrived at 21.00.
Vera, drama and music teacher

At the time of writing we have seen that our member contributions and gifts have declined, which is worrying. We are contiuously looking for new sponsors and donors, so please distribute the Newsletter to friends and colleagues. Help us to continue providing good education to the children in most need.
With the Newsletter the board wants to wish you all a nice summer and hope that you will continue your support to the children of St Christine.
Bitte Brask, chair person

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