Week 10 report, March 2018

Week 10 Term 1 2018, report

Hi everyone,

Receive much greetings from st.christine school,Kabondo.We hope you are doing well back in Sweden,despite the cold weather.In Kenya, we have strted to experience long rain,hence cold weather that has resulted to some illness.However, i’m glad to report as the teacher who was incharge of week 10 this term that pupils and employees reported to school  well, thereby enabling the smooth running of school activities.

During the week, our drama team continued to practice in preparation for the Nyanza regional festivals which would be held soon.We wish them well.

Again, we have also initiated some farm projects like sowing of vegetable seeds.We expect the rains for a longer time to enable us some good returns.On Friday,we had a spiritual assembly led by our teachers to collectively teach our pupils.This also helps the young ones here to grow morally upright.

Finally, i want to wish you well all and thank you for your continued support towards the schools activities.