Studiebesök i Kisumu – Education trip to Kisumu



It is important to inform you about the above event.At had all our class eight pupils accompanied by a number of staff members ;both teaching and non-teaching going out for the trip.We left school by 7 am and travelled safely to the destination.

On our arrival, we made payment at the gate and we were allowed in.The team was well organized;teachers were assigned groups of pupils to be incharge of during the tour.They took the pupils to various stands where they were well received,guided and even taught by the attendants at the stands.Almost every sector of the Kenyan economy was represented, but majorly agriculture and business.We walked to almost every stand at the showground.At every point, something new was learnt.If not,it was an additional knowledge to what we already knew.It was a greate lesson outside school and classroom environment.Our pupils learnt a lot and they were able to ask and answer questions.In addition, they also took a lot of good notes from the speakers of the day at various stands.They learnt just so much.

By 1 pm, the groups met for lunch,after which we let the pupils visit other areas where children were swinging and playing;to derive fun and also to learn for themselves.In addition, our pupils also managed to visit a local radio station stand where they were allowed to send messages and greetings to their patrents,friends and relatives.This made us so happy since some people who tuned on their radios then called us and told us of having listened to the pupils at the stations.It was greate outside there.

At 4pm,we left the showground and began our jouney back home.On our way in Kisumu town,we took our pupils to one of the biggest shopping mall in town,so that they could see the shopping activities there and even take part by buying a few items.This was too important as it is part of what they learn in school.From there,we travelled home,a very happy group and most interesting,our pupils learnt a lot of important things during the trip.In addition,we gave them an exercise to write some interesting story about the trip.This will be collected and checked when schools open

Finally,I want to thank you all for having accepted to support the important event in the academic calendar.We appreciate you so much.Thank you.